Beomgyu of the K-pop Group TXT Expresses Admiration for New Jeans

Beomgyu, a member of the K-pop group TXT, says nice things about his labelmates and the new group New Jeans. Act: Sweet Mirage is the name of TXT’s world tour.

When Beomgyu played their hit new song Sugar Rush Ride, they changed the lyrics in a way that surprised their fans. He continued dancing to the song “OMG” by New Jeans.

Even though it didn’t last long, fans of both groups were happy to see their young labelmates get some attention. Since their first EP, which was called New Jeans, they have had a lot of success.

Their song “Hype Boy” was the first to come out, and it was a big hit worldwide. It caught the attention of both the music industry and fans and stars from all over the world. They won several awards, got on international and domestic charts, and became brand ambassadors for luxury brands.