Best Buy Will Begin Installing At-Home Hospital Rooms

Best Buy is collaborating with Atrium Health to help deliver hospital-level care in the home. The retailer’s Geek Squad service will install equipment in patients’ homes to monitor vital signs, such as heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. The objective is to provide high-quality health care while decreasing hospital visits’ financial and emotional strain.

Best Buy boasted that its experience installing electronic systems gave it an understanding of the logistics involved in installing medical devices.

“We are delighted to utilize our expertise in omnichannel, supply chain, Caring Center support and services, in-home support, and our ability to link patients and clinicians via Current Health’s care at home platform “President of Best Buy Health Deborah Di Sanzo, stated in a press statement.

After Best Buy completes the installation, Atrium Health will administer genuine care. The telehealth company debuted its hospital-at-home program at the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic. It is expanding this strategy to include “cardiovascular, COPD, pneumonia, asthma, different infections, and other medical and post-operative diseases.”

“The use of virtual care is a valuable tool in our efforts to eliminate both economic and geographic disparities in access to health care services, as indicated by our patient satisfaction surveys,” Dr. Rasu Shrestha, chief innovation and commercialization officer at Atrium Health’s Advocate Health, stated.