Biden Press Secretary Cracks Marianne Williamson ‘Crystal Ball’ Joke

The press secretary for President Joe Biden, Karine Jean-Pierre, is not psychic, but she feels convinced Marianne Williamson’s presidential bid will fail. Pierre, unable to contain a chuckle, stated at a press conference on Monday, “I’m just not tracking that.” “If I had a small… crystal ball, I would be able to tell you. A magic eight ball, anyway. If only I could sense her aura,” she laughed. “I simply do not have it with me. I simply have nothing to say about that.” The self-help guru declared her long-shot candidacy in late February after unsuccessfully running in 2020. Despite her 2020 campaign manager expressing wishing she wouldn’t run, she is the first Democrat to enter the race, even ahead of Biden, who has all but confirmed he’ll run for reelection.