‘Big Expose’ on ‘Shady’ Scooter Braun Is Starting, as Celebrities Leave

More information has come out about why so many celebrities left Scooter Braun’s management.

In the last week, it has been said that Braun’s A-list clients, such as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, and Idina Menzel, have all fired the agent.

There hasn’t been any proof from either side, but years after Taylor Swift talked about Braun’s sneaky ways, people started to wonder why famous people were leaving so quickly.

In the latest episode of their podcast, DeuxMoi, an anonymous gossip account on Instagram, told both sides of the story about why the celebrities chose to fire Braun all at once.

On one side, they said Scooter Braun had always made it clear that he didn’t want to manage artists longer.

A source says that the manager wanted to quit so he could travel, hang out with friends, and spend more time with his family.

Meanwhile, another side showed how Braun had tricked Swift and how he hadn’t been able to help Bieber, Grande, and others as much as they had thought.

Reflecting on both sides, DeuxMoi brought up the fact that Braun is in a “shady” position, which makes the artists want to stay away from him so they don’t get caught in the middle.

They also said they are “hesitant” to talk about stories they have heard about “something else going on” besides reports that Braun wasn’t doing a good job as a manager.

At the end, they hinted that a big story might be coming from a major source like Rolling Stone.