BigHit Confirms That BTS Jungkook Will Drop a Solo Album on July 14

A news source called Sports Chosun said in an exclusive report that Jungkook from the K-pop group BTS will release his solo album on July 14th. The story also says that he is making the album right now.

It is also likely that the record will have at least one song in English. After the story, his management company, BigHit Entertainment, sent a short response to Newsen.

“Once we’re sure of all the details, we’ll announce the exact date.”

If the artist plans to put out his solo music soon, he will be the sixth member of his group to do so. Fans of the group can’t wait for the release date of JJK1, as it is being called.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the singer is working on a solo record, since the group has stepped back from band activities and gone on an informal hiatus. Currently, they have been focusing on their individual projects. Jin has released The Astronaut, J-Hope has released On the Street with J. Cole, RM has released Indigo, and Jimin has released Face.