Bill Hader and Ali Wong Hiking After Getting Back Together

Bill Hader, who made the show Barry, and Ali Wong, a comedian, were seen on a romantic walk and dinner date to celebrate Wong’s 41st birthday.

During their walk near Wong’s home in Los Angeles, the couple, who had been dating on and off, were all smiles and even got close. Pagesix already said that the two are together.

In a recent interview, Hader revealed that they are dating by calling Wong his “girlfriend.”

Bill Hader is thinking about taking a holiday right now because he just finished the last season of HBO’s Barry, which he directed and starred in.

“I’m just looking forward to taking a little vacation and then kind of being in sponge mode — read, watch some stuff. I haven’t had the space in my head to do it. We did seasons three and four back-to-back, so it’s pretty wild,” Hader told The Hollywood Reporter.

On the other hand, Wong just finished filming the Netflix show Beef, which is about what happens after two strangers get into an accident on the road. Danny Cho, a failing builder with a bad temper, meets Amy Lau, a self-made businesswoman whose life is full of charm. In this frighteningly funny and deeply moving series, the bigger stakes of their fight tear apart their lives and relationships.

Wong was married to businessman Justin Hakuta before, and the two of them have two children together. Even though Wong and Hakuta got divorced, they still get along and call each other “best friends.”