Billie Eilish Displays Her Notable Body Art in Low-Rise Denim and a T-Shirt

Fans were shocked when Billie Eilish wore low-rise jeans and her best t-shirt to show off a tattoo that they rarely see.

The singer of “Happier Than Ever” showed off a big dragon tattoo on her body. Fans were interested in the tattoo, and many said things like “cool tattoo” and “love the dragon.”

Although the mythical monster denotes strength, knowledge, and power, the award-winning artist has never revealed the source of her inspiration for her dragon artwork.

The 21-year-old artist looked great in her signature style. Her dark hair was blown out in a big, full style, and her makeup was simple and bright, bringing out her bright blue eyes.

The pop star posted a video of herself seated at a desk, dressed in a fitting Cherubs from the Sistine Madonna printed blouse and low-rise jeans cinched in at the waist with a rainbow-striped belt, which was easily one of her most stylish ensembles to date.

The dragon tattoo on the singer’s body is her second. When she was 18, the day after she won big at the Grammy Awards, she got her middle name, “Eilish,” tattooed in the middle of her chest.

Then, in late 2021, Eilish got fairies tattooed on her left hand. She called them “sweet little guardian angel fairies” and said that her favorite book as a child, Fairyopolis by Cicely Mary Barker, gave her the idea.