Blackpink Confirms Baby Monster Pre-Debut Song Date

The management for the K-pop group Blackpink has announced when the pre-debut song from their new group Baby Monster will come out. The founder of YG Entertainment recently surprised everyone by revealing the group’s final lineup.

After a number of videos on YouTube in which they looked at all the potential members, they made their final decision. At first, he said that only five of the seven trainees would make it to the last round.

He told everyone about the five people he chose, but he didn’t include two because he wanted them to be a part of some upcoming projects.

Chiquita, Pharita, Haram, Ahyeon, and Ruka were among the people he chose. He told Asa that he wanted her to be in a project he was planning in Japan, and he told Rora that he wanted her to be in the next girl group from YG.

He said, nevertheless, that after hearing the public’s insistence that all seven make their premiere, he had to reconsider.

“‘YG Family’ is not just the gathering of YG artists, as I believe that YG fans and everyone who has diligently tuned in to these broadcasts are the true YG Family. I will take all seven with me.”

So, all seven trainees made it into the group, which is the first girl group from the agency in about seven years since Blackpink. Soon after that, they also said that their pre-debut song, “Dream,” would be out on May 14.