Blackpink Fans Defend Jennie’s Role on HBO’s ‘The Idol‘

Fans of the K-pop group Blackpink and Korean internet users are defending Jennie for her role in the contentious HBO show The Idol. The series, created by The Weeknd and Euphoria creator Sam Levinson, debuted to widespread criticism.

It follows Lily-Rose Depp’s main character, a pop artist striving to make it big in the industry, as she becomes entangled in a relationship with a cult leader played by The Weeknd.

Fans were overjoyed to see Jennie make her Hollywood debut as Dyanne, one of the main character’s best friends and a dancer.

The program has been heavily criticized for its explicit sex scenes, with Jennie appearing in one in which she dances sensually with two male dancers. Because Korea is a more traditional society, the Korean audience was not pleased.

“Y’all be crapping about her cosplaying as an actor or something when in real life, it’s totally true that she went to Cannes as an actress,” one netizen remarked. “Those scenes are also done because she is an actress. I think the b*tches who are cutting her down are just not right in the head.”

“There are many actors who film bed scenes, and there are many, many actors who film crime scenes.” What’s the big deal if Jennie was only acting out her part?” I’ve added another.

Similarly, a fan questioned why Jennie was being chastised for simply playing a role. “Have you ever watched shows with famous actors in bed scenes?” “How come Jennie turns into a cheap woman when these are just acting scenes?”