Blackpink’s Agency Releases New Female Group’s Pre-Debut Single

The K-pop group Blackpink’s label, YG Entertainment, has released the pre-debut song for their new girl group, Baby Monster. The song is called “Dream,” and it came out after the band’s shocking decision about who would be in it.

The music video for the song is made up of clips from the YouTube series “The Last Evaluation,” which is presented the public to each member. The founder of the firm, Yang Hyun Suk, sat down just two days before to talk about the five people he had chosen for the final lineup.

Even though seven trainees were trying to get in, the founder said that he had only planned for a five-person group. He ultimately chose Chiquita, Ruka, Pharita, Ahyeon, and Haram as members.

He said that members Asa and Rora didn’t make it into the lineup because he wanted Asa to be in a group in Japan and Rora to make her start with his next girl group. But he said he changed his mind because so many people wanted all seven to come out simultaneously.

“‘YG Family’ is not just the gathering of YG artists, as I believe that YG fans and everyone who has diligently tuned in to these broadcasts are the true YG Family.”

Because of this, he said that his idea of Baby Monster will change to include all seven members. “I will take all seven with me.”