Blackpink’s Jennie Is Reportedly Making Her Marvel Debut as Luna Snow

There are rumors that K-Pop girl group member Jennie Kim will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). MCU executives are allegedly interested in the 27-year-old singer who is currently on HBO’s The Idol.

According to a story by Asia One, Dispatch, a Korean news site, said that Jennie will be part of Team Agents of Atlas, an Asian superhero group that will be a first of its kind. Her character, Seol Hee, also known as Luna Snow, is a K-pop star and a superhero who uses her powers to control ice to protect people around the world and in the Pacific Rim.

Seol Hee was first seen in the 2020 video game Marvel Super War. Luna from the K-Pop group f(x) was the voice of Seol Hee in that game. Fans have added to the rumors by pointing out that Fala Chen, Claudia Kim, and Benedict Wong are among the Asian MCU stars who follow Jennie on Instagram.

Jennie, whose stage name is Jennie Ruby Jane, has shown what a good singer and actor she is. She was the first Korean musician to play at the Coachella Music Festival in 2019. Lily-Rose Depp, who worked with Jennie on The Idol, praised her for being humble and kind.

In an interview with Vogue Japan, Jennie talked about how important it is to have a good attitude if you want to reach your goals. She said that the best way to deal with problems is to believe in yourself, work hard, and keep an upbeat attitude.

Before she does anything with Marvel, Jennie will start on the Born Pink World Tour with Blackpink in August. She said she was excited to make great moments on stage and meet up with the group’s loyal fans from all over the world, who are called “Blinks.”