Brendan Fraser and Jeanne Moore Go to a Charity Event

At the Skin Cancer Champions for Change Gala in New York, Brendan Fraser and his girlfriend Jeanne Moore looked like they were having a good time. The Oscar winner wore a sharp blue suit, and his girlfriend wore a silk dress that matched his suit.

He also went to the Greenwich International Film Festival earlier in the same month. There, he talked about what’s next for his future after The Whale was such a big hit.

He told People, “At the moment, I don’t have anything — I’m really being picky right now.”

He was a special guest since they were giving him an award for all he’s done for charity at their first-ever Inspiration Talk. In an interview with ESPN’s Hannah Storm, he spoke about his life, work, and preparation for his role in The Whale.

He got in touch with the Obesity Action Coalition as he was getting ready for this job. “Their mandate is to treat the story with dignity and respect. And that meant everything from the design of Charlie’s body to the way that characters speak, everything.”