Britney Spears’ ‘Cracks’ Head in a Heated Fight with Sam Asghari in London

Britney Spears hurt her head in a fight with her now-ex-husband Sam Asghari while they were in London. The fight happened right before they announced their shocking split after only 13 months of marriage.

In the Fox documentary Britney Spears: Divorce & Despair, TMZ founder Harvey Levin talked about the shocking event. He said, “She and Sam were going at it in a hotel room, and it got so bad that she tripped and hit the coffee table, cracking her head open. She needed stitches.”

During the documentary, executive director Charles Latibeaudiere said that Spears’ alleged “volatility” got to be too much for Asghari, which led to the end of their marriage.

Sources say that Spears and Asghari got into physical fights with each other more than once, including a scary time when she supposedly gave him a black eye while he was sleeping.

This year, pictures came out of Asghari with obvious bruises on his arms and face. Sources say that the dates of the pictures match the dates of the alleged attack.

Also, sources say that Asghari was worried about Spears’s love of knives and the fact that they were all over her $11.8 million Thousand Oaks house.

One source said that Britney was so nervous that she thought someone was out to hurt her that she thought she needed the knives to protect herself.

Reports also say that Spears would sometimes “fly off the handle” over small things, which made Asghari feel scared and upset.