Brooklyn Beckham Explains Why He Enjoys Cooking and Believes That Chefs Are ‘Artistic’

In a new video, Brooklyn Beckham praised other cooks and talked about why he loves to cook. Fans recently gave him a hard time because he only knew how to cook “basic” things.

The 24-year-old is the son of Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, and he has been trying for a long time to make a career out of cooking. He even had a show called “Cookin’ With Brooklyn,” where he was the host.

He usually posts about his food adventures on Instagram, but the response hasn’t been great. People have pointed out that he uses expensive products but isn’t very good at cooking.

Brooklyn made it clear that he is not a professional cook, but he did say that he has a lot of respect for chefs who spend their whole lives getting better at what they do. He also said that cooking is one of his favorite things to do because there is “always something new to learn.”

“One of the many things I like about chefs is they are so artistic, they are so hard-working, and it’s always every day, every minute of every hour, trying to master their craft. I love cooking because it’s one of the few things I do that takes my mind off of anything happening. Being in the kitchen making food is endless; you can do anything. There’s always something to learn.”