Bryan Kohberger Might Face a Firing Squad According to a New Idaho Law

Former criminology professor Bryan Kohberger could be killed by firing squad if he is found guilty of the gruesome quadruple murder of four University of Idaho students in November, according to a bill filed this week by state lawmakers. The legislation, proposed by Republican Representative Bruce Skaug, would authorize the execution of a firing squad when lethal injection is unavailable. Despite having outlawed the firing squad more than a decade ago, Idaho has struggled in recent years to obtain the necessary chemicals for lethal injection executions. Several states have experienced a comparable scarcity, although only Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Utah currently permit the use of firing squads. Remarking that at least one prisoner on the state’s death row had his execution canceled owing to a lack of chemicals, Skaug told the Associated Press, “Our criminal system should work, and our punishment should be exacted.” Skaug maintained that fire squads were “more humanitarian” than fatal injections, despite acknowledging that firing squads might cause “10 seconds of intense suffering before death.”