BTS Suga Opens Up in New Music Video on Self-Injury and Suicide

In the music video for his song “Amygdala,” Suga from the K-pop group BTS talks about suicide and hurting oneself. People in Korea and the Korean music business don’t discuss these things.

The artist talks about his mental health problems, which he has talked about in the past. He also talks about family tragedies and the time he was hit by a car when he was a teenager.

The music video shows the star trying hard not to hurt himself, and it also talks about overdosing, which is another taboo subject in Korean culture, especially since the country has very strict drug laws.

The song came out right after the popular K-pop singer Moonbin, who was thought to have killed himself, was found dead. This makes it hard to talk about suicide and mental health.

The taboo against suicide and the pressures that can make someone do it have come up a few times in the K-pop business, with idols like SHINee’s Jonghyun killing themselves.