Calvin Harris and His Fiancée Vick Hope Make an Unusual Public Appearance Together

Calvin Harris and his fiancee Vick Hope were seen together in London on Monday, which isn’t something they do very often.

The DJ, who is 39 and a big deal in the music business, was wearing casual clothes: a teal T-shirt, navy joggers with side stripes, and black Adidas shoes. The reporter, who is 33 years old, wore a short, patterned dress.

Vick’s wrap-around dress was beautiful and showed off her toned legs. She wore brand-new white sneakers and a woven YSL cross-body bag to finish off her look.

They were seen at a studio in North London, where they seemed to be very happy together. Vick was the first to leave, and Calvin went 10 minutes later in a car that had been waiting.

Vick recently talked about her personal life with Calvin and said they like keeping things quiet.

The Radio 1 star has been engaged to the well-known DJ for a year now. She said yes to his proposal after only five months of dating.

Even though they usually keep their relationship secret, Vick recently told The Sunday Times about how Calvin is a part of her everyday life.

The couple spends time both at their home in London and at Calvin’s 138-acre farm in Ibiza. Vick said that she loves their “peaceful” life in London, even though she goes on tour with the Under Control hitmaker.

Even though they both have busy lives, the pair makes sure to eat dinner together, even if it’s not until 9:30 pm.