Canada’s Sum 41 Calls It Quits After 27 Years

Sum 41, a Canadian rock band, said they would break up after 27 years.

This was revealed on Twitter by the band behind hits like “All Killer, No Filler,” “Fat Lip,” and “Chuck.” After putting out their record “Heaven:x: Hell” and going on one last tour, the group will break up.

“Being in Sum 41 since 1996 brought us some of the best moments of our lives,” said the tweet. “We are forever grateful to our old and new fans, who have supported us in every way. It is hard to articulate our love and respect for all of you, and we wanted you to hear this from us first.”

The band told their fans that they would finish their current tour dates and that they hoped to see all the “skunks” on the road.

The message’s end said, “We’re excited for what the future will bring for each of us. Thank you for the last 27 years of Sum 41.”

The band will talk about their last tour when they know more about it.

The Canadian band got a lot of attention with their first studio record, “All Killer No Filler,” which came out in 2001. Deryck Whibley is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist, and Dave Baksh is the lead guitarist. Jason “Cone” McCaslin plays the bass, and Frank Zummo is the drummer. Most of the time, punk rock, pop punk, or alternative rock are used to describe Sum 41’s music.