Cardi B and Offset Celebrate Kulture’s 5th Birthday with Touching Posts

Cardi B and Offset’s sweet posts and old photos of their daughter Kulture Kiari on her fifth birthday show how much they love and care for her.

In one post, Cardi B, who is 30 years old, showed a picture of a past Facetime conversation with Kulture. In the picture, a young Kulture looks up at Cardi, who is in a small box in the upper left part of the screen. Cardi wrote, “My baby is already 5,” next to the shot to show how surprised she was at how quickly time has gone by.

The “I Like It” artist then posted a photo of baby Kulture sleeping on a leopard-print bed. In the cute picture, Kulture is wearing a cute pink-and-white babysit and a stylish black shiny leather cap. Cardi B was shocked and said, “Wow, like my baby girl.”

Offset, a Migos member who is 31 years old, joined the party by posting his own honor on Instagram. He shared a picture of Kulture sitting in a pink stroller with the words, “My baby girl is 5.” In the picture, Kulture is wearing a pink Gucci outfit and has a big, bright smile on her face.

Offset shared a recent picture of Kulture discovering a model house with fake snow on it as a birthday present. In the shot, Kulture is wearing a red dress with bow-tie pumps and a Chanel pearl necklace to go with it.

As the family celebrated Kulture Kiari’s fifth birthday, Cardi B and Offset’s sweet Instagram posts showed how much they loved and were proud of their daughter. They also reflected on their special times with her over the years.