Charlize Theron Was Spotted Holding Hands with Her New Partner Alex Dimitrijevic

The new model boyfriend of American star Charlize Theron was seen holding her hand and making her smile. Alex Dimitrijevic. The star seemed to be in a good mood as they went to lunch in Los Feliz, Los Angeles.

She wore a loose pair of khaki pants, brown shoes, and a maroon v-neck shirt. On the other hand, Dimitrijevic looked very stylish in a bright Avanti Silk Hawaiian Aloha shirt, blue jeans, and brown shoes.

The model has worked for companies like AG Green Label, Malbon Golf, Combo Boxing, and The Elder Statesman.

In 2015, Charlize was in a romance with A-list actor Sean Penn. She has also dated Craig Bierko, singer Stephen Jenkins, model Gabriel Aubry, and actor Stuart Townsend.

She has two kids, Jackson, 11 years old, and August, seven years old. The actor once said that if she had to choose between her job and her kids, she would quit her job.

“I love being a mom more than I love being an actor or a producer. And I never thought I would say that. If somebody said to me tomorrow, “You can’t do both,” would I be sad to stop acting? Of course. But I wouldn’t think twice about it.”