Chase Sui Wonders Reveals Her ‘Sacred’ Bond with Pete Davidson

Chase Sui Wonders talked about how she and her Bodies Bodies Bodies co-star Pete Davidson got together.

In January of this year, Wonders, 26, and the Saturday Night Live star, 29, were pictured holding hands and kissing in a Brooklyn restaurant, sparking dating rumors.

They are in a relationship. They met on the set of Bodies, where they played a couple. Wonders will play Davidson’s love interest again in his new semi-autobiographical comedy show Bupkis.

Wonders told Nylon Magazine in an interview that came out on May 9, 2023, that Bupkis is very personal and close to his heart.

She gushed, “Pete and I became fast friends on Bodies, and it was just clear that we could work together super well. He’s such a pro, and acting with him is my favorite thing,”

She said this about her time working on Bupkis: As soon as I got onto Bupkis, it felt like we were flowing again. The relationship’s a lot less toxic in Bupkis than it is in Bodies, which is a lot more fun to play. But even in Bodies, we would do all those dark scenes, and then we’d be like, ‘This sh*t’s crazy! This is so dark.’”

Wonders said that having Davidson as a caring partner has helped her deal with the media attention and the fact that her relationship is now public.

“We talk about everything, and we are very open with each other about everything, and it feels like what’s happening in our relationship is very sacred,” she told the outlet.