Chris Evans Releases Funny ‘Ghosted’ Behind-The-Scenes Footage with Ana De Armas

Chris Evans showed fans how Ghosted was made by releasing an epic and funny behind-the-scenes movie with himself, his co-star Ana de Armas, and other cast members.

Evans went to Instagram on Saturday and posted the never-before-seen video, which showed the happy parts of the action comedy Ghosted, which just came out.

The Apple TV+ movie came out on April 21. It stars Evans as Cole, who falls in love with Sadie, a CIA spy played by de Armas.

Ghosted is about Cole, who goes out on a great date with Sadie but never hears from her again afterward.

The guy then goes on a mission to find the love of his life, but he gets into a lot of trouble and finds out that Sadie is a CIA spy on a mission abroad.

In the shared video clip, both Evans and de Armas can be seen having fun while filming the movie.

The video starts with a scene in which de Armas and Evans trade guns. When the blonde actress drops the gun, de Armas and Evans laugh.

During shooting, de Armas and the actor who plays Captain America can be seen laughing out loud and making strange noises between scenes.