Cillian Murphy Says They Made ‘Oppenheimer’ in 57 Days

Cillian Murphy, who plays the lead role in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, has said that the movie was only shot for 57 days.

Murphy said that the speed at which Oppenheimer was made was “crazy.”

“We made the movie unbelievably quickly. We made it in 57 days. The pace of that was insane,” said the Irish performer.

Nolan made the popular movie Dunkirk in 68 days, and Tenet was made in 96 days.

It doesn’t look like the star of “Inception” felt any stress while making the movie in such a short amount of time. He seemed to enjoy it.

Murphy, who is 42 years old, said that working on a Nolan movie was like making an indie movie. He also said, “There’s just Chris and the cameraman — one camera always, unless there’s some huge, huge set piece and the boom op and that’s it.”

“There’s no video village, there’s no monitors, nothing. He’s a very analog filmmaker.”

Oppenheimer was shot in only 57 days, which is one of Nolan’s shortest shoots. But it takes about three hours to watch, which is the longest time of any of the director’s movies.

In a big movie like Oppenheimer, Cillian Murphy liked working with Christopher Nolan. He has also made it clear to the director, both in public and in private, that he is ready for any of his movies in the future, no matter how long they are.