Cindy Crawford Showcases Her Iconic Swimsuit Photographs

Cindy Crawford shocked everyone when she posted a throwback clip of her old swimsuit photoshoots on Instagram. The 57-year-old model put “Suited up for summer” as the description for the video, along with an emoji of a bikini and a sun.

In the 1980s, the woman who is now a mother of two rose to fame in fashion and quickly became a global star. In the video, she is wearing a one-piece yellow swimsuit that she wore back in 1990. The front of the dress has a silver zipper design that has been lowered a bit to make it look sexy.

She also sent a few pictures from her 1993 swimsuit calendar, in which she is wearing a white one-piece swimsuit with an American flag sewn in the shape of a heart on the front.

She ran around the beach in a polka-dot swimsuit and a bright red one. Both looked great on her. She also sent a picture of herself looking beautiful in a brown one-piece with a cutout that showed off her toned body.

At the end of the reel, she showed shots of herself in a standard black swimsuit and a blue one that looked great with her skin tone.