Cineverse Obtains North American Rights to ‘Terrifier 3’ for Wide Theater Release

Cineverse Corp. has bought the rights to show the new slasher movie Terrifier 3 in North America. The movie will be directed by Damien Leone and produced by Phil Falcone.

The movie will be shown in theaters across North America in 2024. After that, it will only be available on Screambox, Cineverse’s streaming service.

Terrifier 2 was the last movie in the series. It cost less than $250,000 to make, but made an impressive $15 million at the world box office.

Fans shared the most shocking parts of the movie on social media, which helped it get a lot of attention. After it was shown in theaters, Terrifier 2 was put on Screambox, which led to a big rise in subscriptions to the streaming service.

Chris McGurk, the chairman, and CEO of Cineverse, said he was excited about the continuation of the series and emphasized that the film would stay independent and uncut.

The company wants Terrifier 3 to be the main focus of their release strategy. They will focus on working with creators to make fan-favorite series and remakes that do well in theaters and bring in money from streaming subscriptions.

Leone, who was in charge of the movie, said that he had already started working on the third one before he finished Terrifier 2. He wants to bring back the mood of the first movie and make it a simpler and more realistic slasher.

Leone also said that he wanted Terrifier 3 to be the weirdest and darkest installment so far. He wanted to test how comfortable people were with Art the Clown.