Citing Spying Allegations, The Netherlands Expels Russian Diplomats

Once more, Russia has been proven to be a spy, this time against the country that hosts the headquarters of both the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the International Court of Justice.

On Saturday, “a number” of Russian diplomats were expelled from the Netherlands due to claims that Russia was attempting to smuggle espionage through its diplomatic channels. Russian intelligence personnel are still trying to enter the Netherlands under diplomatic cover, despite multiple efforts by the Netherlands to find a solution, according to the Dutch minister of foreign affairs, Wopke Hoekstra. The Russian envoys have been given two weeks to leave the Netherlands. At the same time, the Russian consulate in St. Petersburg and its commercial office in Amsterdam have been closed. The foreign ministry of Russia has promised to respond, but has not yet given any information. Since Russia invaded Ukraine one year ago, relations between the two nations have been much worse, leading to the Netherlands’ expulsion of 17 Russian ambassadors in March of last year.