Clips of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Ski Accident Have Gone Viral, Drawing an Audience of Millions

Millions of people followed the Gwyneth Paltrow ski incident because of the back-and-forth between the celebrity and the prosecutor, which made the internet go crazy.

Over 2 million people had viewed the Oscar-winning actress’s testimony, especially when Sandedson’s attorney Kristin VanOrman questioned the actor.

Influencer Matt Bernstein tweeted, “Honestly, I don’t want this trial to end ever.”

“You were wearing goggles, a helmet? Kind of looked like everybody else on the slope?” Friday in Park City’s Third Judicial District Court, VanOrman questioned Paltrow.

This has always been her goal, Paltrow responded.

“However, I’m sure he had a better ski outfit,” VanOrman smiled at the celebrity.

“I still have the same one,” Paltrow responded with a chuckle.

Several social media users commented swiftly on the celebrity-attorney exchanges.

“Strange questions,” one user wrote.

Lorraine Kelly, a British talk show host, also revealed her shock at the trail’s viral videos.

“Is this an early April 1st joke? ’cause this is some super parody antics,” she tweeted.

Notably, on February 26, 2016, a retired optometrist accused Paltrow of causing him severe injuries at the Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah.

Terry Sanderson claimed that the celebrity skied into his back, whereas the actor countersued him, claiming that he skied into her back.