Cockroach Draws Attention During the Met Gala

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, a cockroach attempted to become a celebrity by walking the red carpet at this year’s Met Gala alongside fashion icons, designers, and major Hollywood personalities.

The six-legged animal, an uninvited guest at the biggest fashion event of the year, died soon after turning the cameras away from the real showbiz stars to reach its goal.

The surprise guest at the Met Gala, whose name, age, and gender are still unknown, got a lot of attention as it crawled across the red carpet before it died.

Some people who were there say that the bug almost died a few times as it made its way into the venue, where tickets cost $50,000. In the video, you can see that it came very close to hitting a photographer’s foot.

Cockroaches are a group of insects with more than one type. According to a study, about 30 of the 4,600 species of cockroaches are found in places where people live. Some species are known to be troublesome.

It was an unwelcome guest at the Gala, where more than 400 stars were dressed to honor the theme based on the late Karl Lagerfeld, who died in 2019. Andrew Bolton, the head curator of the Costume Institute, chose the theme.

Twitter was sad about the stranger’s death, and hundreds of notes were posted to honor the person.