Daughter of Ioan Gruffudd Denied Restraining Order Against Father

The daughter of Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans is being turned down when she tries to get an order against her father to stop him from hurting her. Ella, who is 13 years old, asked the Los Angeles Superior Court for something on May 31. On July 13, the court said no to her.

Ioan and Alice both showed up in court, along with Ella’s lawyer, who was in charge of the case since last month. The judge who heard the case said, “The minor’s request for a domestic violence restraining order against the petitioner is hereby dismissed without prejudice.”

This decision came about a month after the teen also sued Bianca Wallace, her father’s girlfriend, for civil protection. Wallace has multiple sclerosis and battles with it. The second protection order she asked for was also turned down.

People who are close to Ioan say that he is happy with how the case turned out and that, even though it is like a “nightmare,” he is “happy to see some progress.”

Since Ioan and Alice broke up in 2021 after being together for 14 years, they and their family have been in a nasty legal fight. Alice had said in a statement that he had left their family and was having an affair with a younger woman.