Debbie Harry of Blondie Wears All-Black to Glastonbury

Debbie Harry of Blondie looked like the perfect rock star as she and the rest of her band took over the Glastonbury Festival on day five of the event. The singer, who was 77 years old, sang on the tower stage in a short black dress with sequins.

Stella McCartney, who is 51 years old, and Kate Hudson, who is 44 years old, were among the famous people in the crowd at the show in Somerset, England.

She wore a black T-shirt under the dress and a jacket that matched the dress. She finished off the look with black over-the-knee boots and dark shades with visors.

They began the big show with their hit song “One Way or Another,” but some people in the audience and people watching from home said they couldn’t hear the static buzzing from the back of the stage.

Debbie said that the band wanted to get the “phone songs out of the way.” She may have been implying that she wanted the crowd to stop filming the concert after those songs were over and just enjoy the show.

“Good afternoon, good evening, good day, good night. Hello, thank you, it’s very nice to be here, I hope you’re all having a lovely time. We had to get those phone songs out of the way because none of it is relevant today, we all have our phones in our pockets.”