Despite Being Under Conservatorship, Britney Spears Has Some ‘Wicked Cool Memories’

Britney Spears once again took a moment to think about her hard past and how her 13 years of guardianship are still affecting her.

In a video clip she shared on Instagram, the Oops!… The singer of the hit “I Did It Again” is seen dancing with a friend.

The video was different from her usual explicit posts and videos of her dancing alone in front of the camera. It had a heartbreaking caption that talked about the hard road the pop queen had to take.

“I saw this today and cried like a baby,” she wrote in the description. “I think it was my second year working in Vegas !!! Of course, I was never allowed to drink with my crew, so I never went out, really !!! People won’t believe me, but in 4 years, I went out 3 times !!!”

She went on, “New Year’s Party one year … and the last show party !!! Obviously, all I’ve ever known is to work.”

The Toxic singer then talked about her time as a child when her father, Jamie Spears, was her guardian. “The one thing I remembered from my first few hours before the conservatorship was how I got to feel like sexy, sassy pants and dance all night in every city.”

She remembered how much she loved the few times she got to spend time with her dancers and other close friends.

She then told a short story about the video: “I was always so jealous in Vegas because my one dancer Mikey who was my best dancer … I could always tell when he had partied the night before because he was electric on stage.”

“Guess he was feeling himself !!!,” Spears said next. “Please come party with me now, Mikey !!! I miss them so much!!! And even though there were no crazy drinking nights for 13 years … I still have the most wicked cool memories from before !!! Remember, all things wicked come from innocence !!!”