Diane Keaton Talks Names Her Favorite Co-Star

Diane Keaton has had a long and successful playing career, but she doesn’t like talking about herself. Before her new movie came out, the actress talked about the kinds of roles she likes to play and the one actor she likes to work with the most.

When asked about a Book Club sequel by The Hollywood Reporter, the actress from The Godfather said:

“It’s someone who has issues that are pulsing in her being. It’s also about the people, the actors and the directors [you work with]. It all depends. Certain people will let you be partially this or feel better about whatever you’re doing, as opposed to you worrying about how it’s all going to bear up.” But I’ve been around a long time and I still like it. I mean, it’s really fun to have to work opposite Andy Garcia. You’re feeling good about yourself.”

Keaton said in the interview that one of the best parts of being on Instagram is getting the chance to try out new things.

Keaton has been nominated for four Oscars for movies like Reds, The First Wives Club, and Something’s Gotta Give, in which she is both serious and funny. Keaton has also written memoirs and picture books that have sold a lot of copies.

In Book Club 2, four best friends take a trip to Italy with their book club for the first time ever. During the trip, things go wrong and secrets are revealed, which turns the trip into an adventure.