Disney Star Christy Carlson Romano Opposes ‘Celebrity’ Label, Wants Change for Young Actors

Christy Carlson Romano, a Disney star, refuses to be called a “celebrity” because she thinks it makes her seem less human. She also wants change for kid actors.

In an interview, Romano said that he liked being called a “public person” or a “content creator” instead of a “celebrity.” He did this to show that the word “celebrity” is old and can be upsetting. Romano tells personal stories about her life as a child actor through her podcast company, PodCo, and her YouTube account. She also speaks out for change.

Romano was angry that Elle Fanning was called “unf—able” when she was 16 years old, and he says that recovering child actors need a community of support.

She thinks that the industry needs to change in big ways, and she wants federal rules to do more to protect and educate child actors.

Even though Romano knows that change can be slow, she finds support in other child stars and works to build a real, helpful community.

Romano, who is 39 years old, is helping Emergen-C sell their on-the-go supplement by talking about how it helped her immune system while she was on “Even Stevens.”