Domestic Violence Charges Against ‘Rick & Morty’ Co-Creator Justin Roiland Have Been Dropped

Prosecutors in California said Wednesday that there wasn’t enough evidence to charge Justin Roiland with domestic violence. Roiland is a co-creator of Rick & Morty and the voice of many of the characters.

Roiland, who is 43 years old, was charged with two felonies in May 2020: domestic battery with bodily harm and false imprisonment. In January of this year, NBC News was the first to report them. After a representative from the Orange County District Attorney’s Office said that the case had been dropped because there wasn’t enough evidence to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, Roiland went on Twitter to say that “justice” had been done. He said, “I’ve always known that these claims were not true, and I never doubted that this day would come.” “I’m glad that this case has been dropped, but I’m still very upset about the horrible lies that were told about me during this process.”

This year, two weeks after NBC’s report, the cable channel Adult Swim said it had cut ties with Roiland and that the voices of Rick and Morty would be given to new people.