Drake Was Caught Off Guard During a Livestream Snafu

Drake got a lot of attention on social media when he tried to give $500 to a fan on video but his card was turned down.

The Grammy winner teamed up with a betting company called the Stake. During a video event, he gave away $1 million to fans.

During livestream, however, Rich Flex’s rapper card was turned down.

“Bro! “Embarrassing,” Drake told Lil Yachty, another rapper who was also in the livestream.

On the other hand, one fan said about the clip on social media, “Drake’s card just got declined on stream.”

Also, when the Canadian artist joined the betting company in December 2021, his crazy-big bets made a lot of people look twice.

The Independent says that he lost $1 million when he bet on Argentina to beat France in the 2022 World Cup final.

Drake bet on the team that would win, but he lost the bet because of a technicality: the team had to win in 90 minutes.