Ed Sheeran Gives a Surprise Bus Concert to His Fans

Ed Sheeran was in a good mood on Sunday when he gave a free performance of his song “Boat” on a tourist bus in West Hollywood, California. This was right after he won a copyright case.

This happened after the singer shocked people in New York City by singing on top of a car.

The 32-year-old man was seen looking sharp, as he always does. He wore a white T-shirt with a crew neck and black pants. He also had his inked arms out in the open.

In an Instagram story on Saturday night, the Shape of You singer told his fans about the surprise show. He also joked, “I have a different vehicle for more fun. RIP the Volvo.”

The British singer-songwriter also posted on Instagram about how he felt about the death of his friend Jamal Edwards.

In the video description, he wrote, “Subtract Sundays – Life Goes On – What I find so hard is just life resuming so quickly after losing someone close. Days just appear weeks pass by, and everyone just gets on with it…”

The post comes after he told Zane Lowe on his Apple Music 1 show that he cried himself to sleep every night over the death of his friend Jamal.