Ed Sheeran Revealed He ‘Didn’t Want to Live Anymore’ After Best Friend’s Death

Ed Sheeran told a heartbreaking story about his life, saying that after his friends Jamal Edwards and Shane Warne died, he “didn’t want to live anymore.”

Edwards was a music businessman who helped Sheeran get his career started. He died in February 2022 at the age of 31. Sheeran’s wife, Cherry Seaborn, was told she had a tumor not long before he died.

Doctors told the musician that his wife, who was six months pregnant, needed surgery for a tumor, but it couldn’t happen until after she gave birth to the couple’s second child.

Sheeran, who is 32 years old, said that even though Seaborn gave birth to their daughter Jupiter and had a successful surgery in June, he felt “so helpless” then.

Sheeran claimed he was texting with Edwards about filming a music video the day before he learned of Edwards’ death while at dinner with pop star Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn.

“Twelve hours later, he was dead,” the world-famous singer said. My best friend died. He shouldn’t have done that.

Because of his “selfish” thoughts, Ed felt “really embarrassed,” so he started seeing a therapist.

He continued to Rolling Stone magazine: “I didn’t feel like I wanted to live anymore. And I’ve had that my whole life. You’re under the water and about to die. You’re kind of just in this thing. And there’s no way out. I’ve always been through really bad times. But I didn’t really do anything about it until last year.”

Sheeran went on to say that, as a father, he felt “really embarrassed” by his “selfish” thoughts and that it was Seaborn who figured out what was going on and told him to see a therapist.