Elon Musk Has Challenged MGK to Release a Diss Track About Him

Elon Musk is not only making Megan Fox work against him with people like Elton John, Jim Carrey, and Adam McKay, but he is also asking Machine Gun Kelly to say something bad about him in one of his songs these days.

After Elon Musk took over the company, Elton John, Jim Carrey, and Adam McKay all left Twitter.

Amber Heard, who used to date him, deleted her account after he bought Twitter.

Megan Fox stopped using Twitter in 2013, but now Tesla’s boss is making fun of her.

Recently, it was said that the “Transformers” actress made her boys dress like girls.

Robby Starbuck said that the actress abused children, so the actress hit back on Instagram.

With his meaningless answer, Elon Musk not only gave Starbucks’s claims more attention, but he also gave them more weight.

In response to Starbucks’ tweet with the picture of her boys and the accusations, Musk only used an exclamation point.

The main point of his tweet seemed to be to make sure that many people saw what was said about the star, who is currently dating Machine Gun Kelly.

And when Megan Fox responded to Starbucks on Instagram, Elon Musk trolled her again on Twitter. Even though it’s not clear what he wants to do, it’s clear that he’s trolling Megan on purpose.

Even though the actor didn’t name Musk in her Instagram post about him spreading rumors about her, she may join the other Hollywood stars who have spoken out against the unpredictable CEO of Twitter and Tesla.

Maybe Elon Musk is doing this to get Machine Gun Kelly to make a song about him.

A few years ago, MGK and Eminem got into a very public fight, and MGK responded with some great rap songs.