Elon Musk to appoint a new Twitter CEO by the end of 2023

Musk stated on Wednesday that he hopes to choose his successor as Twitter CEO by the end of the year. In response to a question regarding his successor, the billionaire stated via video link at the World Government Summit in Dubai, “I think I need to stabilize the organization and make sure it’s in a financially healthy situation.” “I estimate that the end of this year would be a suitable time to recruit a new leader for the organization.”

*Image source: Pexels

The mega-troll also introduced his Shiba Inu, Floki, as the new CEO of Twitter on Tuesday night. “So much better than that other person,” he captioned a photo of the dog wearing a suit and sitting at a desk. After the tweets were released, the price of Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency featuring a Shiba Inu cartoon, increased by almost 5 percent.