Escaped Pet Monkey Tears Off Woman’s Ear in Oklahoma

According to investigators, an Oklahoma woman was severely hurt after a pet monkey escaped and attacked her outside her home. Brittany Parker reported to KXII that she observed the monkey on her doorstep and FaceTimed her family to show them. She said, “I was like, ‘Look, a monkey!’” Parker stated that the monkey climbed on her furniture, jumped off the railing, and then struck her door, ripping off a portion of the handle. She contacted the police, and the monkey leaped into their car when they arrived. Parker stated she felt the monkey was friendly and accompanied her son outside. The monkey then ran toward her, jumped on her, pulled out her hair, and attacked her right ear, ripping it “in half.” After the attack, the police lost sight of the monkey, and an investigation is ongoing. Parker was brought to a hospital in Oklahoma City, where she is currently recuperating.