Experts Warn About Rising Climate Anxiety In Children

Medical professionals sound the alarm about the growth of “climate anxiety” among children and adolescents worldwide.

A psychology professor from Suffolk University in Boston told CBS News, “We observe a lot of young people stating, ‘I believe my life will be worse than my parents’ lifetime.’”

According to findings from a study in The Lancet Planetary Health in December 2021, young people are particularly concerned about the climate problem.

According to the survey, “climate concern and unhappiness with government solutions are pervasive among children and young people in countries around the world, impacting their daily functioning.” The perception that governments have failed to address the climate catastrophe is connected with higher distress.

In the study, a significant number of young individuals reported feeling hopeless and fearing the extinction of the human species. Most also concurred that governments are not doing enough to solve the problem, with some even expressing feelings of betrayal.

“Children are pursuing legal action due to the government’s failure to preserve ecosystems, young citizens, and the future. It might be argued that the inability of governments to protect them from harm caused by climate change is a violation of human rights and a failure of ethical responsibility to care, resulting in moral injury,” according to the publication.

The non-profit Child Mind Institute recommends that parents permit their children to express their fears and concerns on climate change but also encourage them to be courageous. In addition, the organization recommends that parents assist their children in managing their emotions and alter their own routines to reduce anxiety.