Family Says CBS Anchor Irv Cross Has CTE

Irving Cross, a former Philadelphia Eagles cornerback, and two-time Pro Bowler, was posthumously diagnosed with stage 4 chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, Boston researchers reported Tuesday. Before his death on February 28, 2021, at 81, Cross had a prosperous post-league career as a sports analyst for CBS News. Both he and his family suspected that his sadness, mood swings, memory loss, and delusions were caused by the recurrent head trauma he received as an athlete. Liz Cross, Cross’ widow, told the Associated Press, “He was the nicest, kindest, most kind, and most wonderful man I’ve ever encountered.” “Yet, this was not who he was in the end. And he was not that person. That was due to the sickness.” Chris Nowinski, the founder of the Concussion Legacy Foundation, told the Associated Press that Cross was in agony during his final years. “It’s vital to emphasize stories like Irv Cross’ since he was able to live a long and successful life despite CTE,” Nowinski explained. “But, it was a struggle in the end.”