Famous Handbag Designer Jane Birkin, 76, Has Passed Away

BFMTV says that Jane Birkin’s maid found her dead at her home in France. Birkin was an actress and singer. The French media say that they don’t know what caused her death right now.

When Ms. Birkin was identified with leukemia in 2002, it brought her to the public’s attention and showed how much she had lived in the past. A few years ago, she talked freely about her relationship with alcohol and how her fight with cancer changed how she saw things.

In 2021, the artist had health problems when she had a stroke. Because of this, she had to cancel several shows that year. Also, she had to cancel shows when she broke her shoulder blade in March.

Jane Birkin was one of Britain’s most famous people in the 1960s. Her love relationships, unique look, and sense of style drew people in. The French song “Je T’aime… Moi Non Plus,” which she sang with her former partner Serge Gainsbourg in 1968, is one of her most famous works.

Jane Birkin became famous in France, where she lived, because of her rocky relationship with Serge Gainsbourg and the way she spoke French with a strong accent, which became her trademark.

In 1968, when she was 22, she went across the English Channel to be in a movie with Gainsbourg, who was 18 years her older. They were together for 13 years, making them France’s most famous couple. They were known not only for their creative work, but also for their artistic and fun-loving way of life.