Fan Sells Rainwater from Taylor Swift’s Foxborough Concert for $250

A fan who went to Taylor Swift’s concert in Foxborough, Massachusetts, when it was raining, tried to sell raindrops from the show for $250.

There were three small buckets full of clear liquid for sale on Facebook Marketplace. The liquid was said to have been collected during the rain at Swift’s Eras Tour show at Gillette Stadium. Each of the containers was sold for $250.

Since the Taylor Swift-related ad has been taken down, it’s not clear if the raindrops are still for sale.

People on the Internet found it funny that the ad for the item was “ridiculous” and that potential buyers were “stupid.”

Swift is known for playing in bad weather, and she recently played for fans in Nashville after they had to wait out a big storm.

“Last night, we all danced together in the rain for THE ENTIRE 3.5 HOUR SHOW in foxy Foxborough, MA!!” she wrote as the caption for a collection of photos from the show in the rain.

Swift has gotten used to singing in less-than-perfect weather over the years.

The tour of Eras This is Taylor Swift’s sixth tour as a headliner. The American singer-songwriter said it was a trip through all of her musical periods, with songs from all of her albums, including her most recent one, Midnights.

The tour started in Glendale, Arizona, on March 17, 2023, and it will end in Inglewood, California, on August 9, 2023.