Fans Are Worried About Justin and Hailey Bieber After Seeing Their New Coachella Video

In a viral video from this year’s Coachella festival, Hailey Bieber was seen comforting her husband, pop star Justin Bieber, who looked sick. This made fans worry.

The founder of the Rhode gave Justin back rubs when he looked sad after going to the concert with Hailey.

In a video that a fan took and posted on Twitter, Justin put his hood up and stood with his shoulders hunched while his wife Hailey rubbed his back. He looked sick.

As soon as the video clip went viral, concerned fans began posting comments about the singer’s health, both physical and mental.

One person wrote, “He doesn’t want to be there, and it’s clear that being in one place for too long gives him a lot of anxiety,”

While someone else said, “Probably too hot! Just an idea…”

A third person said, “He looks so sad and tired most of the time. Hope he is all right.”

A fourth one joked, “The man has chronic Lyme disease, so he probably doesn’t feel well.”

A fifth one asked, “Is he okay?”

Others told fans who were “overanalyzing” the situation that they shouldn’t worry about him.

“People in the comments need to take a deep breath and stop overthinking everything,” someone yelled. “He’s at a party! He was probably tired because he had been out the night before, and his wife gave him a back massage. Who doesn’t like that? Also, she’s his safe place,” someone else said.

“People who leave comments should get a life. He was just taking a break, like everyone else. “Poor unemployed people,” said someone else, adding a video of Justin dancing along with a performer.

“Y’all are crazy in these comments, acting like Justin is your best friend. “I don’t know what’s going on, but the past year has shown me how out of hand parasocial relationships have become,” a third person said.

The worrying video came after Hailey posted a photo of her Coachella outfit, which had a sweet and subtle reference to her husband Justin.