Fans Criticize Justin Bieber for Protecting Frank Ocean but Not Hailey

On Sunday, April 16, 2023, Justin Bieber was caught sleeping during Frank Ocean’s controversial Coachella set.

The Pink + White frontman arrived an hour late to his first concert in six years, and he spent most of the act sitting down and facing away from the audience. Not only did he not perform several of the songs that his audience had come to expect, but there were also instances where he was clearly just lip-syncing.

And finally, he cut his set short after less than the 90 minutes he was supposed to play because he had to leave.

But the Peaches singer defended Ocean, 35, on Instagram, saying that he was “blown away” by Ocean’s show at Coachella. He also said that Ocean’s “artwork, style, taste, voice, and attention to detail are simply unmatched” and that he was “deeply moved.”

According to his friend, Bieber was so moved by the set that it made him “want to keep going and get better as an artist,” and he praised his friend for continuing to “set the bar high.”

But the Love Yourself singer upset a lot of fans with his Instagram post because he didn’t say anything about Hailey Bieber’s fight with Selena Gomez, which has been going on for a while.