Fans Get Kicked Out from the Venue During Suga’s Concert for BTS

Several fans were kicked out of the place where Suga from BTS’s show was being held. On April 29, the rapper did his show in Newark at the Prudential Center.

Fans waited in lines in the general admission area before the show started. Since there were many lines, the staff chose to give them wristbands with random numbers.

While waiting in line, some fans saw at least seven people being dragged out by security staff, and some of them were still fighting. Some fans said they were kicked out because they were trying to get close to Suga by pushing up against the barrier.

Others said it was because they were being rude to the other fans and shouting every time someone got close. Most people thought a fight broke out because a fansite was too close to the barrier.

Fans were embarrassed by what happened and said on social media that it was even more embarrassing because BTS member Jimin was there.