Fans Love Kate Middleton ‘Lookalike’ Emily Andre

Emily Andre and her artist husband, Peter Andre, got all dolled up for a romantic night out at a fancy London hotel.

Singer Peter Andre just posted a bunch of photos of his date night with his wife Emily in London on Instagram on Saturday.

The singer of “Mysterious Girl” looked great in a black jacket and a pink shirt, but fans were more interested in Emily, who they said looked like Kate Middleton.

The musician’s 33-year-old wife, Emily wore the same color scheme as he did, which got a huge cheer from the crowd.

The first picture is a sweet selfie of the happy couple smiling at the camera. It also shows fans how Emily’s hair and makeup look.

Emily, who is married to Prince William, looked beautiful with a light layer of foundation, makeup on her top lashes, thick, full eyebrows, and a nude lip. Her sweet smile, which she always wears, won over fans. She dressed up her look by leaving her hair down and straight with a middle part.

She wore a pink and purple midi-length dress with ruched arms and a waist belt. Purple roses in a cross shape and different shades of pink crosses were on the shirt. She finished off the outfit with a pastel pink purse and open-toed shoes. Emily’s style reminded me of what Kate Middleton would wear.

Fans couldn’t wait to say nice things about the couple on social media. They were quick to compare Andre’s girlfriend to the future Queen. One person said, “Your wife is so classy; she always reminds me of Kate (Middleton).”

Other fans seemed to agree with the compliment and showered the sweet couple with love.

Emily and Peter started dating when she was a 20-year-old medical student at Bristol University. At the time, the Australian singer was 16 years older than her, and he had just broken up with Katie Price in a very public way.

The singer of “Mysterious Girl” helped out with her parents’ charity. In 2012, he went to Zanzibar and saw them try to save the life of a very sick baby. “During that trip, I had feelings for her like I couldn’t believe,” Andre told The Sun.

Emily, the doctor from Somerset, got a lot of praise from fans when she was on daytime TV shows like Lorraine, which was about her family and featured talks with her.