Fans of the K-Pop Group EXO Slam Stylists for ‘Horrible’ Clothing

Fans of the K-pop group EXO are criticizing their stylists for the “disastrous” clothes they chose for their comeback. As they promote their new album, Cream Soda, the members have been wearing a mix of jeans and pastel colors.

Even though some of their fans liked the clothes they wore, most of their fans were not pleased. Some fans said that even though some of their clothes were fine on their own, when they were all put together, there was no theme.

They said that the worst things were Xiumin’s sparkly suit, Baekyun’s fluffy pink coat, and Sehun’s higher print.

One fan wrote, “Ugliness aside, I hate when members are all dressed completely differently and look like they are not supposed to perform together. Bring back matching group outfits!”

Another fan brought up the fight between some EXO members and their management company, SM Entertainment. “Is it SM’s punishment for them for disobeying the company because these clothes and the styling are BAD,” the fan asked.

Even people who didn’t like the band were critical of the clothes. One user said, “Don’t know who is who but the one in the sparkly silver number got done so dirty.”

Some fans were ready to accept that the outfits were fine for the music video but too crazy for live shows. “The outfits did look good in the MV but they’re definitely ridiculous when looked at closely.”