Fans Sing Someone You Love as Lewis Capaldi Struggles with Tourette’s Syndrome

Lewis Capaldi’s fans gave him their full support during his performance at Glastonbury on Saturday, even though he was having trouble with Tourette’s syndrome symptoms.

Lewis was determined to keep going with his set despite problems, and his loyal fans gathered around him. When the crowd joined in to sing “Someone You Loved” in support of the artist, it was the most moving moment.

Lewis walked across the Pyramid Stage and sang short bits of the song as the crowd sang along with him. It was a touching scene of people coming together.

After the show, many fans went on Twitter to tell Lewis how much they liked it and how much they liked him. Many people said that the last song of his set brought them to tears. They made it clear that the Scottish musician didn’t need to apologize. They praised his great performance and praised his strength for going on with the show despite his problems.

“Blown away @LewisCapaldi at Glastonbury,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “I’ve been coming for years and that’s one of the best sets I’ve ever seen. Absolutely nothing to apologize for, everyone around me was WEEPING by the end. Amazing.”

Even though his friends were giving him a lot of love, Lewis looked sad as he left the stage. He thanked his fans for their unwavering support and said that they helped him get through the show.

He said, “I wanted to come back and do Glastonbury because it is so incredible, so I just wanted to thank you all for coming and watching us.”

Lewis continued, “I was s**t-scared, but you made me feel at ease. It genuinely means a lot for me to be here. If I never get to be here again, this has been enough.”